Doctors Warn Drinking A Shot Every Time Trump Lies During Speech Will Result In Death

A viral drinking game that involves consuming a shot every time PResident Donald Trump lies has been deemed “reckless” and “likely to cause death” by leading medical experts across the U.S.

LEADING health officials across the United States have tonight warned against playing a drinking game during President Trump’s televised address to the nation.

The game, which involves drinking a shot every time Trump lies, has been branded “incredibly dangerous” and “will likely result in death” according to experts.

“Consuming that much alcohol, possibly as many as 100 shots in a minute is extremely dangerous and reckless,” Dr. Lisa Edelstein told CNN. “Please consume alcohol responsibly, perhaps closer to the level a regular politician lies.”

Despite the incredible health risks involved, the major U.S. news channels will continue broadcasting Trump’s speeches unedited, however as a compromise will air a health warning prior to and during his monologues on the dangers of immigration.

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Regardless, doctors expect more people to die from alcohol consumption playing this game than have ever been killed by illegal immigrants.

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