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Football Manager 2016 Latest News

Football Manager 2016 news Football Manager 2016 latest update is here and it's!!!!! not that interesting.... Anyone out there want manager motion capture? Well you've got...

Football Manager Player sets New World Record by beginning 185th season.

A Football Managerâ„¢ player in Bristol, England has set a new Guinness World Record for the longest continuous Football Manager season as he enters...

Football Manager 2015 Guide

Football Manager 2015 Guide, tips, wonderkids, etc. Football Manager 2015 wonderkids Football Manager 2015 tips and tricks Think you're addicted to football manager then try this book! The...

Football Manager 2015 – Tips and tricks (without cheating)

Football manager 2015 is arguably one of the easiest games to cheat on. By using the FM Scout or editor it is easy to...

Football Manager

Follow Fail Much Football on Facebook for more latest news for Football Manager 2016. Here at Fail Much, we have compiled a list of features...