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Football Manager 2016 latest update is here and it’s!!!!! not that interesting….

Anyone out there want manager motion capture? Well you’ve got it. Happy?

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Hopefully this is SI’s way of slowly building up to things we’d actually like to see.

Things we’d like to see in Football Manager 2016.

  • Regen players should take the names of real club’s academy players. The ratings could be random and positions don’t even have to match just use real name as some of the regen players name’s are ridiculous.
  • Champions League and German league licences would be nice….
  • The head coach salary is essentially pointless at present so players should be allowed to spend it on coaching licences if you’re starting from the bottom or even improve your own scouting range in different players.
  • Develop derbies and rivalries more. Liverpool v Man Utd, Arsenal vs Chelsea, etc. these derbies should be bigger events in Football Manager 2016.
Football Manager 2016 latest news
Steven Gerrard – Football Manager 2016 latest news
  • More player on free at the beginning of the game. We have a list of players who will be on Football Manager 2016 here.
  • We don’t think players should be allowed to start with a high reputation. Your reputation as a manager should be earned through playing the game and unlocking better skills for management.
  • Give international managers the ability to persuade players to choose their country over another e.g. Jack Grealish.
  • Integrated small video r music player? or is that just wishful thinking.
  • More variable player potential. In all previous Football Manager games, there has been little change game to game on how a player develops. This linear style mean there are few surprises in how a player progresses. One possible solution would be to raise all youth players potential ability and then decrease as certain factors (injuries, personal problems, etc.) come up.
  • More control over where money is spent behind the scenes (e.g. scouting range, youth set up, etc.) when managers reputation and board confidence is high enough.
  • Ability to propose medium term goals with board in order to receive backing to help achieve these goals (e.g. Wanting to take club up through the divisions, challenge for top 4 in 3 seasons, etc.)
  • See estimated potential ability of coaches and other staff. Possibly even scout coaches?
  • Possible revamp to press conferences.

Expected Football Manager 2016 release date is Nov 6th, 2015. More news coming soon.


  • Will Memphis Depay be the potentially the best player in the game?
  • Will lower leagues (Sunday League) be introduced?
  • WIll SI revamp the multiplayer mode?

Players who will be on free for Football Manager 2016

Amazon has Football Manager 2015 on sale with the 2016 edition not set for release until November. 

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