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The Burrard Street Journal is an occasionally funny Canadian satire, parody and comedy news website based in Vancouver, BC. All articles, videos and images are fictitious and intended to be humorous. For more information please see our disclaimer or check out our handy guide to fake/satire news.


The BSJ began initially as a soccer satire website named failmuch.com in March 2015. After 6 months, the site began to produce political Canadian and U.S. satire and as of March 2016 the terribly-named FM News was closed down and the Canadian satire site, the Burrard Street Journal was born. Within its first year the BS Journal has been read by millions of people across the world, with a regular viewership in the hundreds of thousands each month. The site has been featured on The New York Times, NBC News, Global News, CBC News, The Daily Mail and our own personal favourite, Sean Hannity, amongst others…


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Canadian satire from the ashes of failmuch.com

BREAKING NEWS: Prince George Justin Trudeau "collision" hospitalizes toddler

Prince George In ‘Stable Condition’ In Hospital After ‘Accidental Collision’ With Justin Trudeau’s Elbow

VICTORIA, BC -  Prince George is in a "stable condition" after being hospitalized today, following an "accidental...
United Nations To Try Turning America Off And On Again

United Nations To Try Turning America Off And On Again

NEW YORK, NY - A United Nations general assembly has concluded that the "only remaining course of...

420 Vancouver 2016 To Be Held At Hastings & Main St, City Confirms

ORGANIZERS of this year's 420 Vancouver festival have been informed by city officials to relocate the pro-legalization...
Boris Johnson Elected UK's Final Prime Minister

Boris Johnson Elected UK’s Final Prime Minister

LONDON, UK—The United Kingdom has overwhelmingly voted to elect Boris Johnson as the...
Furious Trump Demands To Know Why He Can't Go Golfing In Mar-A-Lago

Furious Trump Demands To Know Why He Can’t Go Golfing In Mar-A-Lago

WASHINGTON, DC—An enraged Donald Trump has claimed the Secret Service are preventing him from golfing...
Kellyanne Conway Appointed Director Of Media Relations At United Airlines | Kellyanne Conway United Airlines

Kellyanne Conway Appointed Director Of Media Relations At United Airlines

CHICAGO, IL—Insisting that recent events are "completely unrelated" to this decision, United Airlines have unveiled Kellyanne...

Miss Piggy Denies Split from Kermit is Due to his New Islamic Beliefs

As the shock news of the Kermit-Miss Piggy breakup begins to set in, social media...
Trump Warns Meryl Streep That Celebrities Have 'No Place In Politics'

Trump Warns Meryl Streep That Celebrities Have ‘No Place In Politics’

President-elect Donald Trump has warned Meryl Streep and other outspoken celebrities to keep their "nose...
President Obama Tells Helicopter Pilot To 'Head North And Not Stop Until Canada'

President Obama’s Helicopter Pilot Told To ‘Head North’ And Not Stop ‘Til Canada’

THE outgoing President of the United States reportedly told his personal helicopter pilot to "turn...
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