Hillary Clinton Attends Halloween Party In ‘Sexy Donald Trump’ Costume

Hillary Clinton arrives at Democrat party in Trump mask. | Hillary Clinton Trump costume
Hillary Clinton arrives at Democrat party in Trump mask. | Hillary Clinton Trump costume

WITH a hectic and exhausting 2-year campaign finally drawing to a close, Hillary Clinton took time out to relax this Halloween by dressing up as her Republican rival Donald Trump.

Clinton was spotted in the popular “Sexy Donald Trump” costume at the annual Democratic Nation Halloween Ball with onlookers commenting how relaxed and carefree the presidential nominee looked.

Dressed in a chapless royal blue suit, red wig, orange face paint and miniature fake hands, the Democratic nominee fully embraced her character for the entire night, alongside her husband dressed as “Bill-y Bush”.

“Hillary was running around grabbing women’s crotches, with Bill shouting ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ behind her,” one senior aide told the Washington Post. “They’ve both been working so hard that it was great to see them really let loose and enjoy themselves again,” she noted.

Even Clinton’s waitresses noted how much everyone got into character, especially as the night drew on. “They must have polished off at least 12 bottles of Trump 2015 Sauvignon Blanc,” one said, “and that’s when things started to get a little weird.” Hillary was seen grinding daughter Chelsea, herself dressed as Ivanka Trump, a stunt Bill Clinton later described as “confusing but not unenjoyable”.

Sexy Donald Trump was the most popular Halloween costume for 2016, and Clinton was keen to tap into that popularity. “I know this is what the kids like so here I am,” she chuckled to reporters. (thedentalspa.com) “You know I’m very meta, whatever that means.”

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