Vancouver Woman Banned From Local Café For “Only” Tipping 20%

"Do not let this woman in." Vancouver woman banned from café for only tipping 20%.

KITSILANO, VA—A 38-year-old mother of two has been banned from her local café after the cafe’s owner took to social media to complain about the woman’s “disgraceful” 20% tip.

“These workers have to live, you know? Have you no decency?” the café owner wrote in a series of Facebook posts. “My staff earn an absolute pittance and it’s because of people like you.”

The mother, who was a frequent customer, also received written notice of the ban. Large CCTV photos of the woman have been added to the cafe’s front window with a warning that police will be called should the woman attempt to enter again.

On the day of the incident, staff were reportedly shocked as the woman skipped past the cafe’s standard 33%, 50%, 75% and 100% tip options to select her own tip option instead.

“For a second I thought she was typing in 200% and thought, ‘Oh, that’s kinda nice’ but when it said 20% on her receipt, I asked if she missed a zero,” one barista told CTV.

“I mean 20% might have been OK a few years ago but now, honestly anything less than 50% is a total slap in the face.”

The café owner has also set up a GoFundMe asking for donations with 20% of all proceeds going directly to any affected staff.

The owner was not in the café at the time of the incident but said he called from his villa in St. Tropez as soon as he heard to comfort his staff.

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