SUBMIT – Write for the Burrard Street Journal

If you would like to write satire, parody or comedy news then why not submit an article to the Burrard Street Journal? Please email for further details.

Writing credits and a link to your social media/blog will be included in every article used. Articles can be written in non-news format but must fit the writing style of the site.

Please note that while we primarily write satire for a Canadian and U.S. audience, we do also accept submissions on most topics.

For football/soccer who want to write satire for the Burrard Street Football, see our facebook page.

We are particularly looking for writers from Vancouver, BC and Canada. We believe there is a ton of undiscovered comedic talents here and we want to provide a platform for particularly amateur writers to learn how to write satire.

Note: All articles featured on the BSJ are original content and copyrighted. Anyone wishing to use a satire article for their site or blog, cannot do so without express permission from us. Please contact us on Facebook or Twitter for more info.

For more information on the Burrard Street Journal please see our half-written about section or even check out this handy little guide we put together about whether the Burrard Street Journal is fake news…