“Hillary Clinton Would Be The Unhealthiest President Ever Elected,” Writes Trump’s Doctor

Trump's doctor: Hillary Clinton Unhealthiest President Ever
Trump's doctor: Hillary Clinton Unhealthiest President Ever

THE renowned personal physician of Donald J. Trump has said that in his expert medical opinion, Hillary Clinton is “clearly unfit to be president” and if elected would be the “unhealthiest President ever”.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, a gastroenterologist at Lenox Hill hospital, New York, produced his medical assessment of Mrs. Clinton after her apparent faint due to pneumonia at a 9/11 ceremony last Sunday.

The medical note, fortuitously obtained by the NY Post, describes Clinton’s PSA score as “presumably around 173.22 (very high)” and recommended she avoid undue stress, the general public, television cameras, and voting booths.

“To whom my concern,” began his second official medical report, which was both hand-written and delivered. “Although neither my father nor I have ever treated Ms. Clinton, in part due to having never met her, I still feel completely confident that her laboratory results would not be astonishingly excellent.”

“In my expert medical opinion, she’s clearly at death’s door,” he underlined, adding, “I give her a week tops.”

The letter continues, unfavourably comparing Clinton’s stamina and strength to other world leaders such as Vladimir Putin, noting that “over the past twelve months, she has clearly put on at least 50 pounds I’d say”.

Having consulted his personal medical reports of all 44 previous U.S. presidents, Dr. Bornstein concludes that Hillary’s current health should prevent her from following in the footsteps of Presidents Jackson, Taft and Roosevelt.

“If elected, Mrs Clinton, I can state unequivocally, will be the unhealthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

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