Bill Clinton Surprisingly Admits He Admires Melania Trump ‘Very, Very Much’

Bill Clinton Melania Trump at first 2016 debate
Bill Clinton Melania Trump at first 2016 debate

The potential first First Gentleman of the United States, Bill Clinton, has surprisingly revealed his admiration for Melania Trump in a revealing interview sure to upset the Democratic Party.

In his conversation with the Washington Post, to be published next month, the former President declares his fondness for his direct rival, claiming to have followed her career “for years”.

“While I can’t say I care too much for her husband,” a stone-faced Clinton told the WP reporter. “I have to say that I do admire Melania a great deal. She has amazing attributes and I think she’s just… just… terrific, I really do,” he smiled.

The former U.S. president continued to explain in great detail his fondness for the Slovenian born former model, spending the majority of the interview discussing her.

“I’ve followed her career carefully all my life. From Playboy to GQ, she’s already accomplished so much in her life. I just hope all this political nonsense doesn’t distract her from continuing her promising career.” – Bill Clinton on Melania Trump

Critics of the 46-year-old will argue that Melania has accomplished little in the political arena, but Clinton points to her ability to speak passionately about her husband’s cause, as a retort.

“You know, you don’t always have to have all the brains, or have accomplished something of value, to be appreciated,” Clinton said, staring at a photo of Mrs. Trump. “Sometimes a woman like her can affect you by just doing something as simple as opening her mouth. It’s a tremendous gift to have. I once had an employee who… you know what, never mind.”

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