FOUND: 12-year-old Adam Johnson’s Letter to ‘Jim’ll Fix it’ has Been Uncovered

Read: Adam Johnson's letter to Jimmy Saville
Read: Adam Johnson's letter to Jimmy Saville

A 16-year-old letter written by current Sunderland footballer Adam Johnson, has been found on a beach in Sunderland today.

The note had been placed in a glass bottle and presumably thown in the sea. It was addressed to the popular 90’s show Jim’ll fix it, where the 12-year-old outlines what he’d like Jimmy Savile to help fix.

The letter to the disgraced tv presenter, begins with the youngster saying what Savile means to him:

Dear Jimmy,

My name is Adam. I’m 12 years old and I live in Sunderland.

First of all, I’d like to say that you’ve been an inspiration to me and I’m your biggest fan.

The self confessed “die-hard Peter Pan” enthusiast, initially asks Savile to “fix it” for him, to be like the popular Disney character:

“Please will you fix it for me to never grow up! I love being 12 and I love girls my own age. I never ever want to get older.”

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Perhaps fearing his first request might be a little overly-ambitious, Johnson goes on to ask Savile to arrange a trial at his favorite club.

“If I absolutely have to grow up, please will you fix it for me to play for Man City? They’re my favourite team and the best in the world. I don’t care that they don’t have any money. They have Shaun Goater.”

A spokesman for Johnson’s camp, refused to comment on the letter or verify its authenticity. However The Sun newspaper, have broken away from their wall-to-wall Celebrity Big Brother coverage, to discover that Johnson attended the widely popular, ‘Jim’ll fix your kids’ Summer Camp as a youth. This “evidence” is strengthened by the following excerpt from Johnson’s letter:

“Can’t wait to see you and uncle Rolf again this summer. Should be loads of fun! I learned a lot last time, particularly about grooming. Even my parents said they noticed a big change in me after last year’s camp.”

The letter ends with Johnson completing the formalities of the coming year’s summer camp:

Enclosed is a cheque from my parents for this year, my measurements and 10 photos of me, as you requested.

Hugs and Kisses,

Your pal,