Trump Tweets Nafta Criticisms To ‘Prime Minister’ Justin Bieber

Trump Tweets Nafta Criticisms To 'Prime Minister' Justin Bieber | Trump Bieber
Trump Tweets Nafta Criticisms To 'Prime Minister' Justin Bieber | Trump Bieber

LOS ANGELES, CA—A representative for Justin Bieber has spoken of the pop superstar’s “surprise” at receiving a message from American President Donald Trump in the early hours of yesterday morning that began: “Dear Mr. Prime Minister…”

“You’re being very difficult with NAFTA, Justin. We have much to discuss, check you PM’s,” Trump tweeted Bieber earlier, suggesting the pair meet for crunch talks ASAP.

Bieber then received a direct message from Trump on Twitter at approximately 7:04 am pacific time, catching the 24-year-old singer “off-guard” who rather than determining Canada’s economic foreign strategy was instead preparing for a live show in front of 100,000 fans.

“Dude are you friggin kidding me, how the hell would I know?” responded the Canadian pop-star to the DM.

“Don’t play dumb with me Justin,” Trump replied, “you’ve negotiated a great deal for Canada and horrible deal for America and I’m putting an end to your games once and for all.”

“You know, none of my advisors thought messaging you was a good idea,” the Donald continued. “‘Oh don’t tweet this to Justin Bieber,’ they said. ‘He knows nothing about NAFTA.’ ‘He won’t understand what you’re even talking about.’ They give you no credit Justin, but I do. I know how clever you really are and if you don’t meet my demands I’ll turn Toronto into the next Hiroshima”

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“Cool” was Bieber’s response to the harrowing ultimatum, before adding the crying laughing emoji.

“You see, Prime Minister Justin, people think I’m an idiot, but I know a hell of a lot more than I let on,” Trump added, continuing to write about himself for the next 11 messages.

Having since received a response from the actual Canadian PM who attempted to quell any tensions between the two nations, Trump responded by claiming he was “insulted” that the real Prime Minister hadn’t responded personally instead of using his assistant, and asked Trudeau if he was “any relation to Joe?”.

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