Canada Considering Justin Bieber As New Canadian Ambassador To US

Canada Considering Justin Bieber As New Canadian Ambassador To U.S.
Canada Considering Justin Bieber As New Canadian Ambassador To U.S.

OTTAWA, ON—POP sensation Justin Bieber has emerged as the shock front runner to become Canada’s new Ambassador to the United States.

Just days after it emerged that the U.S. was considering Sarah Palin as the new American Ambassador to Canada, reports emanating from Ottawa suggest “the Biebs” is the likely replacement for current Ambassador David MacNaughton.

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“Given the unique and ever-changing relationship Canada has with the United States, we feel Mr. Bieber could be the perfect person to communicate with the current administration in the States,” Trudeau advisor, Pamela Hooker, told Fox News live.

Seconds later, President Trump tweeted his thoughts on the potential appointment. “I think Bieber would make a terrific ambassador. It would be great to talk to someone who knows as much about politics as I do.”

Despite revealing a personal preference for Pamela Anderson to get the role, Trump admits to being a fan of the “Baby” and “Sorry” singer-songwriter, claiming he likes his “style”.

“I like how he treats his die-hard fans like absolute shit,” Trump acknowledged, bemoaning the fact that now he’s President he rarely gets time to spit on his fans from balconies.

Special advisor to the President, Kanye West, also tweeed his “excitement” at the thought of sitting down with “Ambassador Biebs” to discuss “U.S.-Canadian relations and how we can continue to grow the middle class of Canadians and Americans together”.

“Everything I’ve done in my entire career has been geared towards this moment,” a humble looking Bieber told TMZ. “And if blessed with this opportunity, I promise to represent the people of Canada to the best of my ability, the only way I know how… in dungarees.”

Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger is thought to be disappointed to be out of the running having been promised to be sent to America by the last 5 Prime Ministers.

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