Donald Trump Calls President Obama “Worse Than Hitler”

Trump: "Obama worse than Hitler."

DONALD J. Trump has told Fox News that President Obama is the “worst leader in human history” and “much, much worse” than Hitler. The republican nominee even suggested he’d prefer to have Hitler in charge of the United States than the current commander in chief.

When questioned about previous comparisons he made between the two, Trump told Fox’s Eric Bolling, “Hitler had the Nazi party and Obama has ISIS”.

Upon being asked if he still held the belief, Trump replied, “oh Obama is much worse, much worse. If you gave me a choice between Obama and Hitler, I’d take Hitler every single time.”

The billionaire’s reasoning behind this comes from Obama‘s “limited success” at founding a terrorist organization, something he believes Hitler was far more proficient at. “Look how organized and determined the Nazis were? ISIS have no real structure, they’ve hardly killed anyone really if you look at the numbers, so I think they’ve been a major disappointment.”

Possibly sensing he may have misspoken Bolling asked if he’d like to take a moment to reconsider his comments, to which Trump refused. “Who killed more jews, huh? Obama or Hitler, it’s really hard to say,” he continued. (

President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected | Trump: 'Obama worse than Hitler'
President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected | Trump: ‘Obama worse than Hitler’

“Listen of course Hitler did some pretty crappy things to the Jews but has Obama really done much better? Ask any Jewish person, anyone, who they think is worse, and they will say Obama.”

“Well how do you know Donald?” Bolling replied. “Do you know the Jewish community well?”

“Oh Jews love me, they really do,” he grinned. “I have so many Jews. In fact, I probably have all the Jews.”

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