Football Manager 2015 – Tips and tricks (without cheating)

Football Manager 2015 guide
Football Manager 2015 guide

Football manager 2015 is arguably one of the easiest games to cheat on. By using the FM Scout or editor it is easy to give your team tons of money or reputation. Which is obviously pointless…

Football Manager 2015 guide
Football Manager 2015 guide

All FM managers will know that if you are managing a team lower down the league or in the lower divisions then every penny counts. The costs of signing a player in football manager are now higher than ever due to signing on bonuses and agent fees. Luckily there are a few small tips and tricks that can help save valuable transfer funds.

Offer trials to players to reduce their wages

Signing pairs on free transfer. If there is a player on free transfer that you would like to sign but other clubs are interested and then there is a simple way to sign this prayer without spending too much money. Simply offer the player is higher wage as you can once the player except this offer he should[wpdevart_like_box profile_id=”1446664440″ connections=”6″ width=”300″ height=”550″ header=”0″ locale=”en_US”] except your offer over every other clubs. Once it comes to time to actually sign the player simply delay or cancel the transfer. When you go back to sign the player again there should be less clubs if any looking to sign this player. You should now be free to offer the Blair the wage that you see fit

Sign yourself on a small contract as possible

When you first start a new career you will not get to decide your wages but as soon as you are able and providing you’re doing a good job, you should negotiate a new contract with the board. Then simply ask for as small a wage as is allowed thereby saving you wages for your players and staff.

Opposition instructions at half time

I personally always let the assistant manager select my opposition instructions but it is important to remember to apply his opposition instructions at half time also as the opposition team may have brought on substitutes and the instructions will not have been updated automatically. Also depending on how the game is progressing your assistant may want to change his original instructions.

Don’t pay the club the money up front

This may go without saying but monthly installments are crucial to any long term success in football manager. Yes it will mean less transfer funds will be available in future seasons but it also means that you can get those expensive wonder-kids now for minimal initial outlay. Once you have figured out approximately how much a player will cost you, try offering the club 10 – 20% up front and the remainder after 48 months. You may have to pay slightly more than if you just paid the whole thing up front but over the space of 3 seasons there really is no difference at all. Also if you can add in fees for completing certain milestones instead then this is always a good way to go (especially if these players are unlikely to ever achieve these milestones).

Get friendly with agents

Agents fees eat up a substantiation amount of your budget for doing absolutely  nothing except getting in the way! However you can get an agent to like you thereby lowering the fee that they request. The more “respectful” the agent is of you the lower his fee and he will be more willing to negotiate with you. To do this simply offer the player as high a wage as you can plus signing on fee and agent fee. The agent will say that his client feels this is a very acceptable offer. Finalize the deal and click continue. When he accepts the offer simply cancel the deal. Do this a number of times and eventually the agent will accept a reduced fee.

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If you have a player that is wanted by a team with larger reputation than your team then a player can become unsettled by this. One way to avoid this is to not comment on any stories asked by the press about this player regarding a transfer. DO NOT click “no comment” OR the option that will say that you are not prepared to comment on transfer stories as this may upset the player. Simply do absolutely nothing. Also it goes without saying that you should increase the asking price to as high as it goes and try and sign a new contract with the player if possible.