Justin Trudeau Confirmed As Guest of Honour At 420 Vancouver

Justin Trudeau confirmed as Guest of Honour at 420 Vancouver 2016
Justin Trudeau confirmed as Guest of Honour at 420 Vancouver 2016

CANADIAN Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been confirmed as the official guest of honour at the 420 Vancouver festival. The pro-marijuana legalization rally on April 20th, which is expected to attract over 50,000 people, will be the first to be attended by an active prime minister since John Diefenbaker attended the inaugural festival in 1961.

Trudeau expressed his disappointment that the festival is moving from its usual home, outside the Vancouver art gallery, but claims to be “as excited as ever” to sample the atmosphere at Sunset beach, alongside his “old friend” Snoop Dogg, who will also be in attendance.

As well as being an honoured guest, the prime minister is expected to make a short speech prior to the climax of the festivities. At precisely 4:20pm Trudeau is expected to be passed a ceremonial 20ft joint before lighting it up, and taking the first toke.

The PM is expected to be accompanied at the event by his wife and kids, who are set to join the festivities by dressing up as joints and other marijuana paraphernalia. Trudeau told the Vancouver Sun that his family’s attendance is necessary to help change some Canadians’ perception of cannabis: “I think it’s important for me as Prime Minister to send the message to the people of Canada, that British Columbia has the best damn pot in the entire world.”

Trudeau admitted he is disappointed at his own contribution towards marijuana reform since taking office and claimed that conservative critics were correct in their assumptions about him. “Honestly I’ve been much too busy getting high to bother changing the laws,” he said. “Besides I think if you talk to most stoners, and listen to what they eventually say, you’ll understand that all people want is to legally smoke recreational pot, without paying any taxes. What’s the rush?”

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Finally, Trudeau spoke of the importance of the marijuana industry in BC. “In a few years, when Vancouver’s housing market crashes, the people here are going to rely heavily on alcohol and in particular weed to console themselves, and BC’s marijuana growers need to be ready to meet that demand.”

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