Satire Website Not Sure What To Post Today

VANCOUVER, BC—A local satirical website has declared itself “unsure” what breaking news item to publish today, describing themselves as “even more confused than usual”.

As real news sites like the Guardian, the NY Times and CBC post a traditional fake news article in a bid to trick their readers, at the time of writing, the unnamed satire news site couldn’t decide what it should post.

“I mean what do we do? Do we post a real news story?” a sweaty, twitchy editor screamed at his two cats. “Do we post a real video of Trump actually saying something stupid or what? ( ”

The Vancouver-based site, which requested not to be named, says that posting a factual news item “just feels wrong” instinctively, and admits they may instead use the opportunity to finally settle their personal score with ending of Lost.

“It’s just that the writers clearly hadn’t a f**king clue what they were doing and… ah no one cares…” he sighed. “Screw it, just post something about Trump. At least that way, there’s a pretty good chance it will come true anyway.”

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