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“Worlds Hottest Weather Girl”, Yanet Garcia set to move to TG4 Weather.

TG4's newest
TG4's newest "internet sensation", Yanet Garcia
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IRISH language television station, TG4, are set to announce the signing of the world’s hottest weather girl, Yanet Garcia on a 3 year deal.

TG4's newest "internet sensation", Yanet Garcia
TG4’s newest “internet sensation”, Yanet Garcia

Garcia has become an overnight internet sensation after videos of her presenting the weather went viral due to her impressive… knowledge of weather? TG4’s weather coverage, is the highest rated show in Ireland, with over 4 million viewers each day. TG4 head, Aidan Kelly, hopes the move will strengthen the station’s reputation for attractive weather girls:

TG4 is fully aware that the only reason people watch our channel is for our weather girls, so Yanet Garcia is a natural fit. Sure, hiring her will potentially bankrupt the station but we really feel that Yanet is going to bring something different to the TG4 lineup, namely a tan. We’ve made an offer to her agent that we feel is very good one. It includes a plot of land, with road frontage and a sea view, in Spiddal. Also a 2002 Nissan Almera comes a standard for all TG4 weather girls.    

 – Aidan Kelly, TG4

TG4's new tagline to welcome Yanet Garcia: "TG4. Look how hot our weather girls are."
TG4’s new tagline to welcome Yanet Garcia: “TG4. Look how hot our weather girls are.”

Yanet Garcia was delighted at the move to TG4: “I can’t wait to swap the beaches of Mexico for the beaches of Connemara. Ros na Run is the biggest soap opera in all of Mexico so I have always been a huge fan of TG4. However, for me, they will always be TnaG! (Phentermine) ”

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Televisa president, Sonny McNultez, said the station was disappointed to lose such a valuable ass(et). “It is a bittersweet moment for us. Obviously we are sad to see her go, but also happy, to watch her leave. Like TG4, we also pride ourselves on how hot our weather girls are, so to lose her to a rival like them is upsetting. TG4’s financial package is something that we, as the largest tv station in Mexico, simply cannot match.”

The Irish language broadcaster is said to be “relaxed” by reports suggesting Garcia’s standard of Irish wasn’t as high as initially thought. “Living in Mexico all my life hasn’t produced as many opportunities to speak as much Irish as you might think. I may have to brush up on my past tense a little. I’ve already learned some key phrases like ‘torrential downpour’ and ‘fierce mild day’ so I should be grand. ” she said.

We’ve been looking for a new girl to really kickstart the station into the next season, Autumn. We have made several ‘name-your-price’ offers for Nuala Carey down the years but RTE have always refused to negotiate. The know a winner when they see one.”

Yanet Garcia to become TG4 Weather Girl
Yanet Garcia to become TG4 Weather Girl

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