Football Manager Wonderkids

The key to any success in football manager is buying young players and developing them. It also happens to be the most satisfying thing to do in the game. However there are issues that come with this type of strategy. (Ultram) First of all if you buy a young player (15-23) then he needs to play….. all the time. Stock piling a ton of young players and farming them out on loan (i.e. Chelsea) doesn’t necessarily work in FM as the clubs may not necessarily have good training or youth facilities, may not play the player regularly enough or may play him in the wrong position. So ideally you should be trying to buy young players that can play regularly for your first team but are obviously good enough to start. A quick Google search of wonderkids brings up a list of players like Paul Pogba (sale price = $60m), Raheem Sterling ($45m) and Adnan Januzaj ($60m) but unless you’re Man Utd, Man city, etc then you won’t be in a position to buy these players.

Therefore the key to success in FM is to find already talented young players that can improve further and won’t break the bank. Below is a list of the young players that can be bought relatively cheaply, shouldn’t cost too much on wages and should sign for clubs slightly lower down the footballing pyramid (relatively speaking). A few essential picks will be highlighted.

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