Justin Trudeau Facing Criminal Charges Following “Vicious Assault” On “Lucky to Be Alive” NDP MP

Justin Trudeau Facing Criminal Charges
Justin Trudeau Facing Criminal Charges Following "Vicious Assault" On "Lucky to Be Alive" NDP MP

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to face criminal charges following his “vicious assault” on 2 New Democrat MPs in the House of Commons, that has left one in a critical condition in hospital. RCMP chief Bob Paulson confirmed the PM was not immune from criminal proceedings, especially given the veracity of the assault.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair claims Ruth Ellen Brosseau is “lucky to be alive” after an explicit-laden Trudeau elbowed Ms. Brosseau in the chest after he “lunged viciously” at Opposition whip Gord Brown. Brown was also taken to hospital with a broken arm but is expected to make a full recovery.

“He was screaming and roaring, with foam spilling from his mouth, probably high on something” said Mulcair of the incident. “He grabbed Gord’s arm, crushing it instantly. Then he noticed Brosseau and ripped his shirt open, temporarily hypnotizing her, before launching himself into the air and striking her with his elbow. It was just like watching wrestling, or the House of Lords.”

In his defence, the Prime Minister criticized the opposition parties for their part in the incident, saying it was further proof of their lack of support for women’s rights in the workplace. “I just walked straight up to a female MP and violently struck her in the chest, and the NDPs and Conservatives just stood there with their mouths open, and did nothing,” he said, shaking his head. “Am I really the only person in this room willing to literally fight for women’s rights?”

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The incident sparked pandemonium in the House, as reports claim Trudeau went into a “violent rage” as MPs ran for the exits. The PM however, remained unmoved claiming he’d gladly do it again. “I don’t care how many more women I have to punch to get my point across, it’s all about supporting feminism.”

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