American Tourist ‘Shocked’ To Discover Canada Has Its ‘Own Currency’

Police Called as American Tourist 'Shocked' to Discover Canada has its 'Own Currency'
Police Called as American Tourist 'Shocked' to Discover Canada has its 'Own Currency'

VANCOUVER, BC—A 26-year-old woman from Indiana has revealed her “shock” at discovering that Canadians have their own currency during a recent trip to Vancity.

The woman was shopping in a W. Broadway store where she paid for numerous gifts using US currency. Upon receiving her change in Canadian dollars, shop assistants claim the woman became “deeply confused” and began screaming at them for “real money”.

The store were forced to call local police as the woman refused to accept the “monopoly money”. Two VPD officers who arrived at the scene, were luckily successful in calming the woman down and explaining the misunderstanding.

After medical attention was provided, she revealed to Vancouver Police that she didn’t realize Canada had its own currency or was even its own country. “I honestly just thought it was a state, like Alaska,” she told local reporters. “Though, I was starting to wonder what was wrong with all the flags.”

The woman’s “revelation” also led to a similar stir on her social media accounts. Having updated her Facebook friends vigilantly on her movements, throughout her 2 week stay, she immediately relayed to them the new information: “Oh WOW, you guys won’t believe this,” she wrote. “Did you know that Canada has its own currency??? It’s even called the dollar too!! #LearnSomethingNew”. Two minutes later she added: “P.S. It’s still raining.”

The seemingly harmless if not slightly misguided post, was soon the scene of controversy as a man with a confederate flag over his profile picture, replied: “First it was Mexico stealing our dollar symbol, and now Canada’s stealing our dollar too? Who’s next, Australia? We have to make a change. #Trump2016”

The most liked comment on the woman’s status came from her sister, who wrote: “OMG!! That’s soooo cute. It’s like they’re their own country!”

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A few days later, the woman posted another status update, this time featuring several selfies of herself with various Canadian bills and coins: “They have old dollar coins that they call loonies. I think they’re the loonies! Haha! Still raining….”

Before the self-described “crazy, eye-opening experience”, it had all begun so innocently for the 26-year-old. Shortly after touching down in Vancouver, she took to Facebook to tell her 161 friends she had arrived safely: “Just landed in Vancouver airport. Lots of weird words and symbols on the signs here. It seems like a lovely place, aside from the rain but I’m sure it will stop soon!”

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