President Obama Begins DNC Speech By Chanting “4 More Years, 4 More Years”

Obama DNC Speech:
Obama DNC Speech: "4 More Years, 4 More Years...

The president of the United States has caused pandemonium at the Democratic National Convention by chanting “four more years, four more years,” while approaching the podium. The move is surely a source of deep embarrassment for the Democratic party and party leaders. The Clinton camp were seen shaking their heads in disbelief as Obama basked in the acclaim of the crowd.

“Now wouldn’t you all just prefer that?” he asked the 5,000-strong crowd while beaming widely. “I’m pretty sure even the republicans would get on board,” he stated as the DNC erupted into a mixture of applause, screaming and some tears.

When the crowd eventually quieted down, the President began reflecting on his 2 terms as President and the future of America. “You know, I’ve been in this job for almost 8 years now and I think I’ve done a pretty good job. Do we really want Donald or Hillary coming in here and screwing everything up?”

Loud audible screams of “nooo” were heard as some Hillary fans ripped off their “I’m with Her” t-shirts and started twirling them over their heads, while bouncing up-and-down.

By this stage, cards with the slogan “yes we can, again,” appeared and were being brandished proudly by the majority of the audience. Cries of “third term, third term, third term,” began to ring out around the arena as Hillary Clinton glared down at the current president. Her husband, momentarily becoming swept up in the festivities, was seen applauding and chanting before being kicked hard by his wife.

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