Obama Wakes Up To 37 Missed Calls From Oval Office On First Day As Regular Citizen

37 missed phone calls on Obama's first day as citizen again
37 missed phone calls on Obama's first day as citizen again

FORMER President of the United States, Barack Obama has confirmed to the BSJ that he woke up on Saturday morning to 37 missed calls from the White House, less than 24 hours after leaving office.

Alongside the numerous phone calls the 44th President also missed hundreds of Facebook and Twitter messages as well as a few Snapchats.

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“I guess they had a few questions,” Obama muttered, flicking through the numerous notifications he received overnight, largely from @POTUS45. “I’ll get back to them on Monday,” he said, stretching his legs out on the coffee table while sipping his morning coffee.

“Barry, it’s President Trump here,” one direct message from the President began. “I’m sure you’re super busy right now, but seriously the nuclear football is not a real football?

Disappointing. Can’t throw very far at all. How far could you throw?”

Another snapchat showed Trump sitting in the Oval Office, simply reading, “Also how the hell do you President?”

The 44th President admits the constant calls and messages is partly his own fault. “Well I did tell him that if needed any help, I was just a phone call away, he admitted, “but I was hardly fucking serious.”

Trump predictably dismissed Obama’s accusation publicly, labelling it “sad”, but did admit to being slightly overawed by the scale of the task ahead:

“I’m already a great president, probably the best president,” he maintained, “but it’s a little tricky having to give definitive answers to questions now, but I’m sure I’ll adjust over time.”

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