Ben Carson alleged to be Ku Klux Klan member by Anonymous

Former republican presidential candidate, Ben Carson, has been alleged by Anonymous to be a known sympathizer to the KKK. The hacktivist group posted the identities of alleged Ku Klux Klan sympathizers online on Thursday evening as part of “Operation KKK”.

Over 1,000 people were named, but the GOP candidate was the stand out name due to his African American heritage. Speculators suggest Carson’s upbringing in Detroit, a known KKK stranglehold, may have impacted his view of the white supremacist group.

The energetic GOP politician vehemently denies any association with the extremist group. “That is total propaganda. The only view I share in common with the KKK, is our hatred for the president,” Carson told supporters in Alabama. “ObamaCare might be the worst thing to happen since slavery, but Obama is worse than slavery and 9/11 combined.”

Carson’s long-time friend, Rupert Murdoch, spoke out in favour of the republican. “Ben is the most real black man I have ever met. There is no way he would be a member of the clan. We would never allow him in,” he said, before adding: “Obama is welcome though.”

A Ku Klux Klan spokesman also distanced the group from the Presidential candidate. “We concur with Mr. Carson’s sentiments regarding Obama. We too think he is worse than slavery, mainly because we don’t think slavery was all that bad.”

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