Doctors “Worried” For Rafa Benitez’s Mental Health, As He Considers Newcastle Offer

Doctors Worried For Rafa Benitez's Mental Health, As He Considers Newcastle Offer.
Doctors Worried For Rafa Benitez's Mental Health, As He Considers Newcastle Offer.

THE family doctor for Rafa Benitez has expressed his “concern” for the mental health of the former Liverpool boss, after widespread reports indicate Benitez is actually considering an offer to stay at Newcastle United.

Dr. Bailey Shah says the 56-year-old has already developed a slight Geordie accent, almost completely replacing his scouse one, and insists on taking “full responsibility” for his patient’s well-being. He initially gave Benitez the go-ahead to join Newcastle temporarily, a decision he now claims was “a mistake”.

“Usually I wouldn’t allow a man of Rafa’s age anywhere near the Newcastle job,” Dr. Shah explained. “But he promised it would only be temporary, 6 months at the most, so I allowed it.”

However doctors were alerted by Benitez’s family once he revealed he would meet Mike Ashley to discuss possibly staying with the Magpies in the Championship. Benitez’s wife explained she did not react when her husband announced the meeting. “I just smiled and nodded while secretly dialling the emergency services,” he said. “I honestly thought he was having a stroke or something.”

Sally Davies, England’s Chief Medical Officer, have long called on the League Manager’s Association to implement tighter restrictions over who gets the Newcastle job, insisting the role should come with several advisory warnings. “As I’ve told the LMA countless times, Mike Ashley is a significant risk to their members long-term health, especially those over the age of 55,” she warned, adding, “I mean just look what happened to Joe Kinnear.”

Lawyers for Mike Ashley have strongly dismissed allegations that their client contributed to a loss of mental health in up to 4 previous managers, including Kinnear who suffered complete memory loss during a brief spell at the club in 2008. “Joe Kinnear was completely insane long before Mr. Ashley hired him. How else do you think he got the job? ( ” they argued.

“He and Mike shared a profoundly deep bond. Joe talked about kebabs a lot and Mike liked kebabs. That was pretty much enough for Mike to give him the Director of football role.”

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