Secret Donald Trump TED Talk Receives Standing Ovation in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, BC – A TED Talk by the U.S. Republican hopeful, Donald Trump, has received a standing ovation from an audience at the annual TED conference. In a leaked video obtained by FM News, Trump is seen to have held a surprise and secret talk at TED back in February.

Given the circumstances, Trump’s arrival in Vancouver was top-secret, with selected TED attendees simply promised a talk by a guest who was “very special”. Organizers were braced for a backlash from local Vancouverites, with added security introduced for Trump’s arrival. The billionaire is surprisingly unpopular in the predominantly liberal city, following a series of anti-muslim remarks that have led to locals petitioning to have his name removed from the newly built Trump tower.

As Trump took to the stage a hush fell over the conference room. He began his talk by saying how “great” Canada is and that Canadians were “great, great people”. He acknowledged the negative perception of himself, held by the majority of Canadians but claimed he wanted “to build bridges, as well as walls”.

“Canada, haven’t you ever looked to your southern neighbours and thought, ‘Why do they have so much crime and poverty?’ ” a softly spoken Trump began. “Ever felt like saying ‘why can’t you be normal?’ or ‘why can’t you be more like us?’ ” His opening remarks appeared to resonate with the audience, seemingly striking a chord with the predominantly Canadian audience.

Donald Trump TED Talk | Donald Trump Vows To Ban All Canadians From Entering U.S.
Top story: Donald Trump Vows To Ban All Canadians From Entering U.S. | Donald Trump TED Talk

“They’re a dangerous, people down there, who are capable of anything,” an impassioned Trump continued. “Everyday I live in fear over what people south of the border are planning. Can you imagine that feeling, Canada?” The visibly more engaged crowd applauded for the first time.

“Why can’t they get their act together down there? I mean really, they’re living in the dark ages. If I get into office, I want to stop these people down there from dragging us back down with them. Tell me Canada, is that so hard to understand?” Trump pleaded.

“I propose a wall, a wall to keep those lunatics to the south out. Who’s with me?” With that, Trump dropped to his knees, punching the air, just as the 5,000-strong crowd rose to it’s feet, erupting into thunderous applause. The ovation lasted 7 minutes, finally giving way to 20 minutes of the crowd shouting “Trump, Trump, Trump” and “build a wall, build a wall, build a wall”.

On the video, Trump later admits he was delighted with the reaction from the crowd. “Listen I already knew Canadians love me, I do great with Canadians, but honestly I’m surprised with how anti-Mexican they are. I mean, they seem to hate Mexico even more than me,” he exclaimed.

One local Vancouver woman, who attended the event said she was “pleasantly surprised” with Trump’s speech and claimed he made “several good points”. “His words have really opened my eyes,” she said. “I think a wall with the States is a great idea. You never know what those people might do next, like elect Donald Trump.”

Vancouver Police say there were a sizeable increase in assaults on American citizens immediately following Trump’s talk, suggesting the next US President has left a lasting legacy on Vancouver.

In response to the “eye opening” speech, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has confirmed Donald’s name will now remain on Trump tower, to “serve as a constant reminder of the potential dangers that lurk to the south”.

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