Woman Receives 2-Year Translink Ban For Forgetting To Thank Bus Driver

Woman Receives 2-Year Translink Ban For Forgetting To Thank Bus Driver
Woman Receives 2-Year Translink Ban For Forgetting To Thank Bus Driver

VANCOUVER, BC—A 27-year-old woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been handed a 2-year ban from Metro Vancouver’s transportation network, after forgetting to thank her bus driver.

On the evening of October 26th, 2016, the young lady was spotted on CCTV exiting the number 99 bus on the corner of Broadway and Commercial. Video evidence confirmed eyewitness testimony that the woman did not thank her bus driver or even wave vaguely in his direction.

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While most passengers were justifiably horrified at the woman’s brazenly ungrateful attitude, some attempted to cover up for her on social media, claiming that maybe she is “just from out east”. However a special Vancouver Sun investigation into the incident uncovered the woman was a local, having lived in the Lower Mainland her entire life.

Now Translink has confirmed the 24-month sentence in a written letter to the woman’s attorney, who claims her client has accepted “full responsibility for her actions”, bringing to an end a 5-month investigation costing BC taxpayers $1.3 million.

“My client feels incredible shame for her inaction and fully accepts her punishment without reservation,” a statement on the woman’s behalf read. “Once again she would like to extend her deepest sympathies to the bus driver, his family, friends and anyone else she offended.”

While not technically illegal in Vancouver, not thanking a bus driver or automated skytrain is strongly frowned upon and considered the height of disrespect. Yet now that Translink has imposed its first ban, local legislators admit the “time has come” to update Vancouver’s outdated laws surrounding bus driver courtesy and give the men and women in neon vests and cycling shorts the respect they deserve in a formal setting.

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The driver himself, is said to be naturally shaken up by the incident but is recovering and is expected to return to the wheel before the end of the year. “It’s important that I jump right back on the horse and get back to driving,” he told the BSJ. “I can’t let one incident like this cover all the genuinely wonderful passengers who rightfully thank me hundreds of times a day, individually.”

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