20-year-old Footballer in Manchester, Found Crushed to Death Under Weight of Expectation.

Etihad stadium + police
Etihad stadium + police

A 20-year-old man in Manchester has been found crushed to death, by the “overwhelming weight of expectation”. Greater Manchester Police said the man died en route to the hospital from after being “crushed by the equivalent of 60,000 tons of plastic fans”. Police have so far refused to divulge the man’s name but said the deceased, with a previous address in London, had only recently moved to the city from Liverpool. Sadly, he leaves behind a wife, 17 children, and a large pile of money.

His local club team were quick to pay homage to the young man: “We’re deeply distressed by this tragic news. We shall be asking for a refund immediately.” Current and former teammates took to twitter to pay their respects:

@JoeHart said: “5 days? We hardly knew ya, mate! RIP. Still better than Sinclair or Rodwell though…”

@ManPellegrini tweeted: “Today is a tragic day for all of us at the club. We will never forget you. RIP.”

Before adding: “On a side note, does anyone have Jack Grealish’s number? Asking for a friend.”

Raheem Sterling Breaks Bad - FM Football news
Raheem Sterling Breaks Bad – FM Football news

@StevieG wrote:  “Hate to say I told you so! #YoullProbablyWalkAlone”

@FabianDelph: “Fuck.”

Police have so far refused to divulge the man’s name but the possibility of an accomplice, has not been ruled out as police confirmed the man had recently “made a number of enemies” prompted by his move away from Liverpool. One former self described “mentor”, who refused to be named, said his troubles in Liverpool stemmed from “a lack of character”. 

Police are treating the death as suspicious as it follows in a long line of young English footballers being crushed shortly after arriving in Manchester. One man who has long campaigned for tighter restriction on expectations around the Etihad is Shaun Wright-Phillips: “How many more young English men need to die before people stop moving there? I barely survived. My brother, like so many others, was not so lucky. He works for Red Bull now. Dad says he is a disgrace to half the family name.”

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Posted by FM Football News on Sunday, 26 July 2015