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Lucky Renter Finds Bargain Downtown Vancouver Bathtub For Only $600 Monthly

Bargain Downtown Vancouver bathtub rented
Bargain Downtown Vancouver bathtub rented
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VANCOUVER, BC – A 28-year-old man currently renting a mid-sized bathtub for $600-per-month, has spoken of his “luck” in finding such a great deal in the current rental climate. With the average price of renting a room in a Downtown Vancouver condo now nearing $3,000 per month, most have been forced to reassess what luxuries they can live without, for the price of living centrally.

Kyle Gibson, originally from Kelowna, BC, told the BSJ that his 5x2ft space is an “amazing deal” and the only way he could afford to live Downtown.

“Ideally I was looking for a full bathroom, but in this market, I’ll take what I can get,” the young man said. “Some of my buddies are sleeping behind toilets, in kitchen sinks, and one guy is even living in Abbotsford. It’s a crazy market right now.”

Listed on Craigslist as being “ideal for international students, or those with a limited knowledge of legally acceptable rental practices”, this 14-year-old bathtub/shower combo was posted for a mere 2 hours before being snapped up. Mr. Gibson eventually beat out over 350 other desperate renters to sign the three-year lease.

The apartment itself, which Kyle has limited access to, sleeps 10 people overall. “Not bad for a one-bed with a den,” he notes. Utilities are not included, but conveniently hot water is, a major selling point he adds. “Heating water is so expensive nowadays that it’s pretty rare for a landlord to include it.”

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This fully furnished bathtub comes with a lamp, TV and toaster, as well as all the essentials for Downtown Vancouver living including a bike rack above the tub, ample yoga mat storage, numerous coffee cup holders and waterproof sheets.

“Some mornings it’s impossible to drag yourself out of bed and into the shower, but luckily I never have that problem,” he enthused, as experts warn that the price of renting bathtubs is expected to skyrocket in the coming months.

Other perks include never having to set an alarm anymore, “Jamie comes in for his morning poo at around 6:15am which usually wakes me up,” and never having to get out of bed to go to the bathroom. “How many people can say that, huh?”

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The 6′ 3” computer programmer is a little concerned about space long-term, saying the bathtub can “sometimes feel a little cramped” especially with two cats. “I probably shouldn’t have gotten the second one,” he admits.

His girlfriend however is not concerned and sleeps over most nights he says. The pair met 2 months ago when they were both buying waterproof sheets. “With my condition, Kyle’s bathtub is ideal,” she said.

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