Bill Cosby Brands Return Of Kings Pro-Rape Rallies, “Disgusting”

BELEAGUERED 80’s TV star Bill Cosby has hit out at the pro-rape group Return of Kings and their leader, Roosh V. The Cosby Show star claims the group is “demeaning the subject matter of rape” and says its leader, real name Daryush Valizadeh, was “correct” to cancel the pro-rape rallies scheduled across the world.

“I think it’s disgusting what they had planned,” Cosby said in an interview due out next month. “A group of guys sitting in a room together talking about rape is incredibly stupid and counterproductive to the cause.”

Citing today’s youth culture as the major cause of the sudden “explosion of rape talk”, Cosby recommends the group takes a step back and hold their peace. “Rape is not something that should be talked about in public. It is something that should remain firmly in the bedroom, living room or car,” he said.

Cosby, who is currently facing numerous sexual assault charges, insists it is people like Valizadeh, that are “ruining it for everyone else” by openly discussing rape.

“You see, the young people today don’t understand that rape is a bond between two people,” Cosby told Raper’s Digest. “It is a sacred bond between a man and an occasionally conscious woman, and like I always tell my partners, ‘it’s a bond that should never be broken’.”

Cosby says his past experience will serve him well in his “one-man crusade” against Return of Kings and Roosh V. “I had the same problem in the 90’s with the rappers. They were hipping and hopping about the drugs and the sex and the money, when they should have just been quietly raping women, like me. And now with these ‘Return of Kings’, they’re blibbering and blabbering about rape instead of actually just raping people. I’m telling you, the young people today…” he said before drifting off, presumably into a coma.

Note: Raper’s Digest is a bi-weekly magazine publication dedicated to “rapists’ interests across the globe”. If you would like to subscribe to the latest issue, please contact your local police station for details.

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