Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of “sleeping her way to the top”.

Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, has taken a sensational swipe at the democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Speaking to Fox News, when Trump was asked to respond to the former Secretary of State’s recent criticism of his foreign policy plans, he claimed that Hilary owed her husband for “putting her on the map”.

At Clinton’s recent rally in New Hampshire, she hit out at Trump’s plans for hostile relations with China and Mexico saying America needed to “build bridges” with the international community. “If Donald has his way, he’ll start wars with Mexico, China and Canada, simultaneously.”

In response, Trump shrugged nonchalantly, saying “some people build bridges, some people build walls.”

But it was his comments on Clinton that drew criticism from the left, particularly women’s rights groups. “If she’s elected president, I think we’ll all know why,” he said.

When pressed by the interviewer to explain the comment, the occasionally outspoken billionaire lashed out at Clinton’s “lies” and suggested that all Americans knew the “real reason” she is the favourite for the democratic nomination.

“Everyone’s afraid to say it, but not me,” he boomed. “Hillary Clinton has slept her way to the top. She’s had sex with at least one president, that we know of.”

Despite this, Trump insists he’s “unconcerned” about Clinton’s popularity. “I’m not worried. The American people are smart enough to see through someone who uses their own personal fame to get elected. It’s pathetic really.”

Clearly enjoying himself now, “The Apprentice” star quipped that he may even give the former First Lady a call “when” he’s elected. “Hey, she’s a little old for my tastes but why not? There’s enough Donald to go around.”

Trump (69) also dismissed Bernie Sanders’ (74) chances of becoming President, saying, “That old fart? He’ll probably be dead by the time the election happens.”

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