Football Fans Wonder If There Are Any Good Guys Left After Blatter Accusation

Fans Wonder If There Are Any Good Guys Left In Football After Blatter Accusations
Fans Wonder If There Are Any Good Guys Left In Football After Blatter Accusations | Source: FIFA/Youtube

FANS around the world are today left wondering if there are any good guys left in football, after Sepp Blatter was accused of sexual assault.

Hope Solo, the former U.S. women’s team captain, claims she was groped during the 2012 Ballon d’Or ceremony and identified Blatter, of all people, as the culprit.

“I’m just shocked to be honest, shocked,” tweeted Damien (30) from Galway, Ireland, one of the many inconsolable fans across the world. “Are there no heroes left?”

“Sepp Blatter is literally the last person in football I’d expect to do something like this. I don’t know what to think anymore,” he added, saying that he removed Blatter as his profile picture the second he heard the news.

The ex-Fifa President, who for some reason is currently serving a 6-year ban from football, has strongly denied the charge and some fans called on others to remember Blatter’s rich legacy to football before casting judgement. “What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?” wrote one unnamed Swiss fan (81) on Facebook.

Still for many the revelation will taint an otherwise unblemished career in football for a man who always carried himself with class, dignity and decency. “If we can’t trust Sepp Blatter, who can we?” one former fan told Sky Sports. “I mean is there anyone left? Leon Osman maybe? Has he done anything?”

Blatter, the uncontested Fifa President for 17 years, resigned suddenly from his position in 2015, probably because he got too old or something. During that time he was seen as a champion of women’s soccer and was in fact the first, and as of yet only, Fifa chief to actively campaign for women’s rights to play in hotpants and with lighter balls so as to protect their delicate feet.

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