Grouse Grind Reopens Now With 75% More Steps

Grouse Grind Reopens Now With 75% More Steps
Grouse Grind Reopens Now With 75% More Steps

VANCOUVER, BC—After months of redevelopment, Vancouver‘s iconic Grouse Grind reopens for the 2019 season with the addition of up to 75% more steps than previous years.

Construction on the expansion was fast tracked by Metro Vancouver, with workers working long and hard over the winter months to get the project complete in an effort to fulfill Vancouverites’ insatiable appetite for torturing their bodies.

“You talked, we listened,” read a tweet from Grouse Mountain’s Twitter account. “You said you LOVED the Grouse Grind but HATED that it ended so quickly…. So we heard you and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results!”

The new trail, which begins and ends in the same locations, will now feature an additional 2,100 steps taking the grand total up to 5,000.

Most of the additional steps will be in areas that were previously flat, with steps going up and down in quick succession and several large sections of stairs going around in circles, as well as zigzagging up and down the mountain. Mini steps in between larger steps have also been added.

Competition to complete the new Grind in record time is fierce with one man alleging to have already finished it in under 30 minutes.

“It was pretty tough but the secret is to not stop moving,” Sam, 31, told reporters while being lifted into an air ambulance by paramedics. “Hopefully when my calves have been stitched back together I can break my previous best of a minute flat.”

Grouse Mountain has confirmed oxygen tanks, wheelchairs and defibrillators will be available at the summit for a fee.

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