HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed: “How I Resurrected Your Mother”

HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed
HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed

HIMYM MOVIE: A movie sequel to the popular How I Met Your Mother series is in development, CBS Films have confirmed. With a hastily planned release for the end of the year, a leaked screenplay earlier revealed many key plot points with all five main cast members set to return alongside “the Mother” who is set for a miraculous return.

Creator, Carter Bays claims the social media backlash they received from the original ending forced the show’s creators to imagine how Milioti’s character could be reintroduced and they believe they’ve “cracked it”.

According to the leaked script, Ted’s story begins in the immediate aftermath of the Mother’s funeral in 2024. Just as Mosby’s two children sit up from the couch, jaded from the 9-year story they’ve just endured, Ted will ask them if they’d like to hear the story of how he tried to bring about their mother’s resurrection.

Shortly after the funeral, a grief-stricken Mosby reunites with Robin and dates her for a short time. “Things start off great for Ted and Robin,” star Josh Radnor confirmed to TMZ. Barney is back too, living with us, sharing a room with the two kids. Of course Marshall, Lily and their kids live downstairs, so naturally hilarity ensues,” he said laughing loudly.

Ultimately Ted and Robin realize they are incompatible and vow to remain just friends. Although the storyline of the movie will largely centre around Ted’s desperate struggle to revive his deceased wife, the character of Robin features heavily due to their off again, on again relationship.

Radnor claims HIRYM could be one of the most “heartfelt tales” ever told: “What’s more romantic than trying to bring someone back from the dead?” Radnor suggested, “Why should a love story have to end when one person dies? That’s just lazy writing.”

The actors who played his infamous kids, now both in their early 30’s, are said to be excited at the prospect of playing 14-year-old kids once again. However Radnor warns fans not to expect to see too much from the pair as his character spends the majority of their childhood pursuing various love interests. “Essentially my character spends most of the movie searching for a cure for cancer,” he said. “Specifically in people who have been dead for 4 years and largely within the confines of MacLaren’s pub.”

Cristin Milioti, who played The Mother, refused to confirm if the resurrection is successful, but admits she’s “looking forward” to filming with the gang for the next 3 months. Milioti claimed she always felt her character’s story was “unfinished” and commended the HIMYM movie writers’ for finding “the right storyline’. “I always saw my character as the sort of Jesus-like figure on the show, since people waited so long for me to appear,” she said. “So a resurrection seems like the only natural conclusion to her story arc.”

If the current script remains unchanged, the last 5 minutes of the movie would see a dramatic twist, akin to the television series’ ending. After making the most important medical discovery in human history, a relieved Ted finally settles down with Tracey and their kids to live out their lives peacefully, only for tragedy to strike again. The present day, where Ted has now told both stories, will be revealed to be the day after the mother’s second funeral. The credits will roll as Ted reaches Robin’s apartment, to complete one of the most romantic stories ever retold…

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Bays says he isn’t worried about alienating fans of the show by potentially introducing a supernatural element. “If people bought the absurdity of the entire final season’s storyline, then a simple resurrection shouldn’t be a big leap.”

Josh Radnor who played serial dater Ted Mosby is “thrilled” to be resurrecting his role and seeing his old friends. “I’m so excited to be making this movie. My career hasn’t exactly taken off like some, so this is a great way to remind Hollywood that ‘Hey, Josh Radnor still exists’. Which funnily enough, was actually the working title of the movie.”

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