Jack Grealish Admits He Faces The “Hardest Decision” Of His Life Ahead Of Euro 2016

Jack Grealish Admits He Faces The Hardest Decision Of His Life Ahead Of Euro 2016
Jack Grealish Admits He Faces The Hardest Decision Of His Life Ahead Of Euro 2016

SOON-to-be Sky Bet Championship star Jack Grealish, has confirmed he remains no closer to a decision he claims he’s “been dreading for months”, whether he’ll play UEFA Euro 2016 on Xbox One or PS4 this summer.

“I’m usually quite decisive but this is the hardest decision of my life,” Grealish admitted to the Daily Mail. “All of my mates at school have an Xbox One but I’ve still got some old friends who play the Playstation. At the moment I’ve got both, but my Mum says I have to decide.”

While critics might argue that most 19-year-olds would love a dilemma like Grealish’s, the Aston Villa winger says the choice is not as straightforward as it appears. “I’ve always been a Sony lad, growing up. I had a PS3 and a PS2 and really enjoyed playing them, so my family want me to stay loyal, you know?” he said. “But my mates at Villa say the Xbox has a way better controller and I’ll play way better, so I don’t know what to do.”

There has been a suggestion in some sections of the media that Grealish might be more marketable as an Xbox player, but the young Villain insists this will not play a factor in his thinking. “No, I don’t care how much money Microsoft offered me. Not even if they handed me more money than England’s sponsors gave me for turning my back on Ireland. I’ve got to have my principles.”

Grealish’s agonising quandrum promises to be the major talking point in the build-up to the European Championships, but England manager Roy Hodgson is keen to not let it overshadow his side’s preparations. “I can’t tell you what he will be doing,” Hodgson said of Grealish. “but he won’t be actually playing at Euro 2016, that’s for fucking sure.”

Martin O’Neill refused to comment on “the decision” when questioned, and instead laughed continuously for 8 minutes.

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