“Bridal Yoga Pants The NEW Wedding Dress,” Claim Lululemon At Unveiling

Lululemon Unveils New Bridal Yoga Pants
Lululemon Unveils New Bridal Yoga Pants

VANCOUVER based yoga apparel giant, Lululemon, has announced a new range of bridal-inspired yoga attire set to be released in 2017. Despite some criticism, the company claims its new “must-have bridal wear” is merely meeting its customers’ needs, amidst “overwhelming demand”.

“One of the biggest criticisms we hear from our customers is that they can’t wear our yoga pants 24/7,” founder Chip Wilson told the Burrard Street Journal. “Women these days not only want to be comfortable while doing mundane, everyday things like shopping, working and dining,” he explained, “but also for all life’s special occasions like prom, graduation and weddings.”

Details on the new “Yogowns” remains scarce although Wilson revealed the new line will only come in “one colour”, but frustratingly for fans, refused to divulge which one.

Lululemon maintain they will use the bridal wear as a “test run” before launching into other markets. “We’re very excited about some of our new collections especially our ‘first interview’ and ‘funeral’ yogi-inspired line,” spokeswoman said. “I mean just because your family member may not be looking or feeling their best, doesn’t mean you don’t have to.”

While some would-be brides remain deeply puzzled by bridal yoga wear, many local Vancouver residents claim “it’s about time”. One Yaletown resident says the yoga lifestyle is crucial to her big day: “I mean I already go to the gym, to the store and to work in my yoga wear, you know? So it deserves to be front and centre with me on my special day, alongside whatever dude I marry.”

For the man who likes to cycle to and from his own wedding, Lululemon will debut a new range of groom’s yoga-inspired wear, late next year year, made entirely of lycra. “It’s about gender equality,” Chip Wilson said. “For so long women’s clothing, shoes and accessories have been designed for comfort, while men are forced to wear cumbersome suits and stiff shirts. We don’t want men on their wedding day, sacrificing comfort for fashion any longer.”

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