New Evidence Suggests Hitler Began Taking Ambien Around 1939

Hitler ambien
Could Hitler Ambien discovery shed more light on recent controversies?

BERLIN, GERMANY—A series of newly discovered letters written by Eva Braun suggest Adolf Hitler began taking Ambien around 1939, shortly before invading Poland.

Researchers claim the shocking evidence may shed more light on Hitler’s thought process leading up to the Second World War.

“I’ve noticed some alarming changes in Adolf recently since he starting taking Ambien,” Brawn wrote in a letter dated June 14th, 1939.

“Once he consumes his little red pills he transforms, ranting and raving about different ethnic groups. He used to love other people, especially Jews, but now…. not so much.”

While substantial evidence proves Hitler was a violent racist decades before the Second World War, Nazi sympathizers insist the Ambien was completely responsible and Adolf should not be judged on what they describe as “momentary lapses in judgement”.

Despite the discovery, historians remain no closer to understanding why a man who exterminated 6 million people had trouble sleeping at night.

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