North Korea To Disarm Nuclear Weapons Program In Light Of Vancouver Sign

North Korea To Disarm Nuclear Weapon Program In Light Of Vancouver Sign
North Korea To Disarm Nuclear Weapon Program In Light Of Vancouver Sign

PYONGYANG, North Korea—In light of a sign in Vancouver, BC declaring the city a “nuclear weapons free zone”, North Korea has announced it will disarm the country’s entire nuclear weapons program with immediate effect.

Calling the sign “revolutionary”, Kim Jong Un admitted Vancouver’s brave message had forced his hand and the dictator immediately declared his country would cease nuclear weapon testing and dispose of all WMDs.

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“We had no idea the people of Vancouver felt so strongly,” the WPK leader confessed to the BSJ via skype. “They could have just told us, they didn’t have to get a sign and shame us publicly like this.”

The North Koreans hope the move will help appease the citizens of Vancouver and potentially convince them into taking down the sign. “Come on guys we’ve learnt our lesson,” Jong Un pleaded.

The sign, which eradicated Vancouver’s infamous nuclear weapons problems overnight, has been a roaring success since it’s inception. “Well after the nuclear weapon epidemic of ’06, the City of Vancouver realized something needed to be done,” Mayor Robertson told CTV News. “6 months and $17 million later, and we unveiled this sign and we’ve barely had any nuclear weapons since.”

Moments after the announcement Kim Jong Un called on others to follow suit, tweeting the American President a picture of North Korea’s own sign translated into both English and Trumpish— “Nuclear Weapons. BAD!”

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