On this day in the next 100 years…

2025: President Bush V declares war on Iraq

2030: Uproar as robotic pop star exposes robotic vagina on stage

2036: Saudi Arabia announces series of reforms, sets strict limits on
size of stones used to stone women to death

2040: France files for bankruptcy; dissolves

Beckham to start MLS team on the Moon
Beckham to start MLS team on the Moon

2050: David Beckham brings football to the moon

2054: ISIS becomes official Earth ambassador to Mars

2076: Disney buys Earth; Reinstates Child Labor

2086: Last non-human land mammal goes extinct; Bones melted down for fossil fuel

2087: First female president of the United States elected

2088: Human race goes extinct; Conservatives/Liberals debate who to blame

2094: United Nations becomes relevant for first time

2095: United States cares about soccer

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