Pope Suggests Trump Gives Up Presidency For Lent

Pope tweets Trump to give up presidency for Lent
Pope tweets Trump to give up presidency for Lent

THE VATICAN, ROME—The head of the Catholic Church has personally tweeted Donald Trump asking him to give up the presidency for Lent.

The religious season where many Christians observe a period of fasting, abstinence and atonement, began this Wednesday and Pope Francis took time out to tweet the American President personally with a request “direct from God himself”.

“Please Mr. Trump. Give up the presidency for Lent this year, in order to better yourself and the lives of all humanity,” Pope Francis wrote to the devoutly religious republican.

With Lent lasting until Easter Sunday, the Pope insisted that Trump only has to give up the presidency temporarily:

“Just see how you and the American people feel in 40 days and 40 nights and go from there,” he added, claiming there was absolutely “no pressure” on Trump to return this year. He even admitted that Lent could be extended indefinitely if successful.

In response, Trump laughed off the Pope’s suggestions claiming the “only thing” he was giving up was the rights of women and immigrants.

Rick Astley called on Trump to join his one man boycott of Lent that the singer has led every year since 1987.

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