Raheem Sterling “Absolutely Shocked” To Find Himself In Pokemon Go

Raheem Sterling Pokemon Go
Raheem Sterling Pokemon Go

ENGLAND star Raheem Sterling has told BSF of his shock AT discovering himself as a catchable character in Pokemon Go. The hugely popular app contains 151 Pokemon and Sterling is “honoured” to be the only footballer included in the game, as part of a cross promotion with EA Sports.

“There I was, walking down some street in China, when suddenly I saw myself right in front of my pokeballs. I was blown away! I was hard enough to catch if I’m honest, quite slippery, but I just kept throwing more and more coins at me until I caught myself.”

Sterling beat off stiff competition from Angel Di Maria and Cesc Fabregas to land the coveted spot in the viral app. As part of the promotion, several Pokemon will now appear in the upcoming FIFA 17. The character of Snorlax will replace classic Ronaldo, while hybrid characters Gerard Piquachu and Martin Squirtel will also make an appearance.

Sterling praised the graphics of the app as well as the “lifelike resemblance” of his character to the real deal. “This looks so realistic. It’s way better than FIFA,” he said. “196 CP? They even got my rating right too.” However, he feels the in-game store is a “total rip off”. “Ten quid for a few pokeballs and a lure or two? What do they think I am, made of money?”

He remains excited to play the game and to discover more about his character: “A nice little touch is that when I collect enough of this stardust stuff, I can evolve into Theo Walcott and eventually Shaun Wright-Phillips.”

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