Sarah Palin Allegedly Strings Multiple Words Together To Form Coherent Sentence

Sarah Palin Allegedly Strings Multiple Words Together To Form Coherent Sentence (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Sarah Palin has shocked supporters at a Donald Trump rally by stringing several words together and effectively forming a complete sentence, according to reports. The former Alaskan governor did not look her usual unhinged self during the rally, and at the midpoint of her 4-hour talk, uttered the sentence that sent loud audible gasps reverberating throughout the arena, waking many supporters up.

Some FOX commentators now claim Palin has turned a corner while others argue that the sentence was an “anomaly” and merely just vindication of the “infinite Palin theorem”. “If you give an infinite number of Sarah Palins an infinite number of speaking engagements, theoretically, they should eventually form a coherent and grammatically sound sentence,” said one professor of linguistics. “So this shouldn’t be surprising given the volume of words Mrs. Palin emits per minute.”

Since joining the Trump camp, in an effort to attract evangelical voters, Palin has predominantly spoken in tongues, her natural language. As one of the world’s leading practitioners of this noble art of Glossolalia, Palin admits she rarely researches or prepares for speeches, and has little recollection of anything she says during or after them.

While this is not the first time Palin has formed a sentence, it is the first time she has successfully arranged so many words together. Many of the world’s leading linguists, who were present at the rally, claim the sentence had 12 complete words, with a total of 25 syllables adding to it’s complexity.

Although not initially aware of the feat she had achieved, afterwards Palin told reporters that her family was to thank for the drastic improvement in the 52-year-old’s grammar. Speaking through an interpreter she said, “My kids have been a major help to me in improving my American and telling me about things like sentence structure and verbs.” Palin, who recently passed first grade English at the 47th attempt, paid special tribute to her 7-year-old grandchild Tripp, claiming he’s “the best study partner a Grandmother could ask for”.

The New York Times was glowing in its praise for Palin, labelling her speech “occasionally comprehensible”, the highest honour ever bestowed on the Conservative politician.

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