Trudeau Formally Offers Obama Asylum In Canada

Trudeau Offers Barack Obama Asylum in Canada
Trudeau Offers Barack Obama Asylum in Canada

MONTREAL, QC—The former U.S. President Barack Obama has been formally offered asylum by Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed, after the two met in Montreal on Wednesday.

While explaining how he wished he could take in all Americans, the Prime Minister claims seeing his old friend in such distress at the current state of America left him with no choice but to offer Obama and his family full asylum in the Great White North.

“I told him there was always a spot for him here,” Trudeau said detailing how President Obama had broken down in tears upon hearing of the PM’s kind offer. “He seemed thrilled. I told him that we could get him a place here in Ottawa for him, Michelle and the kids, and find him a job somewhere perhaps as a teacher, bartender or deputy Prime Minister. (canadian pharmacy generic viagra) ”

“He might be even able to stay with us for a while,” Trudeau excitedly revealed, saying he told “Barry” to ask Sophie if it’d be ok if he stayed over for a few weeks. “She said she’d think about it,” Trudeau giggled, “so that’s basically a yes. It’s gonna be sweeeeet!”

The PM hopes Canada could become a refuge for former world leaders signalling he was fully prepared to offer French President Emmanuel Macron a similar deal should Marine Le Pen ever Trump her way to the presidency.

When asked how he thought Americans might feel at the news Trudeau responded that he was considering offering former PM Stephen Harper as a makeweight in any discussions with Trump.

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