Trump Forced To Abandon Ireland Visit After Discovering Island Closed On Arrival

Trump Ireland visit Abandoned After Island Closes For Maintenance
(L) Trump Ireland visit Abandoned After Island Closes For Maintenance | Trump Photo By: Senior Airman Mariah Haddenham

SHANNON, CO. CLARE—The President of the United States has been forced to abandon a planned trip to Ireland after discovering the island closed upon arrival.

Expecting a significant military convoy after flying into Shannon Airport this morning, Air Force One was instead greeted to the sight of an empty airfield, with nothing but a large sign that read:

“Dear traveller, we regret to inform you that the island of Ireland is currently closed for maintenance. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you, especially if you are currently the President of the United States. If you are the American President, please feel free to try again in 2021 or failing that 2025.”

After reportedly beeping the horn for several minutes on the deserted runway, the President tweeted that Ireland was closed while noting “what a major disappointment this must be for the people of Ireland”.

Instead, Trump will continue his European tour with a trip to France, with the American President appearing very excited to sample some exquisite french cuisine, tweeting, “I hear those guys make the best fries”.

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