Donald Trump & Conor McGregor To Wrestle At WWE Battleground


World Wrestling Entertainment has announced, within the last hour via, that “the two biggest superstars in the world” will wrestle in Washington, DC on July 9th at 7pm.”

This one one-off “TLC Assassination Match” has sent shockwaves across both the UFC and WWE, however the GOP declared they were “not surprised in the slightest” by the announcement.

The official WWE statement began:

“The WWE is proud to announce that Donald J Trump and Conor “notorious” McGregor will headline the main event live at WWE Battleground in a pay-per-view special event.”

Fans have instantly reported problems accessing the WWE’s website as the news of this “Ireland vs America” TLC Match broke online. Vince McMahon will reportedly manage his friend Trump for the fight, with WWE Superstar’s Sheamus & Rey Mysterio Jr. in McGregor’s corner.

“This tantalizing matchup pits the man who came from nothing, pulverized everyone in his path to rise to the top and ultimately claim his deserved fortune, against Conor McGregor.” – WWE on Trump v McGregor

A promotional event will be held early next month, outside the Lincoln Memorial where Trump, Triple H, the McMahon family and various other WWE stars will attend. McGregor will not promote the event, claiming he need to be “fully focused” for the “most dangerous” fight of his career:

“The WWE are not paying me the GDP of Portugal to waste time promoting events and drumming up publicity. Mr. Trump is a worthy opponent and I must be ready. I need to focus on training hard and preparing my body perfectly for this enormous challenge.” – Conor McGregor

With rumours of a potential fight against Floyd Mayweather circulating, McGregor denies he’s using the wrestling match against the 69-year-old, likely next U.S. president, as a publicity stunt to leverage a better deal.

“How dare you suggest someone would use the WWE to promote themselves,” he snarled. “Read my lips. This is no stunt. I shall fight ‘the Donald’ in the 4-sided octagon at WWE 200.”

For the republican front runner, Battleground will mark a dramatic return to the wrestling arena. Many WWE fans had long worried Trump’s shot at the World Heavyweight belt might suffer with his bid for the American presidency, but he remains as dedicated as ever to his wrestling career.

“Are you kidding me I love the WWE, it’s great. Wrestling is actually just like American politics, except obviously not as far-fetched.”

Trump has already fought off "Lil Marco" and "Dr. Sandman" [pictured] as well as "The Michelin Man" and JFK's assassin's son Trump v McGregor
Trump has already fought off “Lil Marco” and “Dr. Sandman” [pictured] as well as “The Michelin Man” and JFK’s assassin’s son | Trump v McGregor

How either men’s egos would allow themselves to lose the fight seems implausible, suggesting viewers could be set for one of the longest bouts in WWE history. Either way, all money raised from the event will be donated to charity. “Neither myself, Conor McGregor or the WWE, do what we do for the money,” Donald Trump said.

Currently in discussions with Dana White over UFC 202, McGregor is set for a busy summer with fights against Trump, Nate Diaz, Floyd Mayweather and Kim Jong-un ahead of him. “Hopefully I can get over to France in time to win the Euro’s for my country too,” he added.

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