Adam Johnson: ‘Freddy Adu Peaked At 15’

Adam Johnson: 'Freddy Adu Peaked At 15'Adam Johnson: 'Freddy Adu Peaked At 15'
Adam Johnson: 'Freddy Adu Peaked At 15'

During a heated discussion on footballers failing to realise their potential, ex-England international Adam Johnson singled out Freddy Adu, saying the former wonderkid “peaked at 15”.

In a rare interview, speaking exclusively to Richard Keys and Andy Gray, Johnson said he followed the career of the player once dubbed “the new Pele” early on, but admits he eventually just lost interest.

Johnson said via Skype from HM Prison Moorland. “He ticked all the right boxes for me.”

Devoting a surprisingly large amount of his time discussing the teenage sensation’s early years, he continued discussing Adu’s debut at 12:

“In some ways he was just a kid back then but he certainly didn’t look it. I thought he was at least 14. He looked absolutely amazing, but inevitably went completely off the boil once he hit puberty,” Johnson lamented, “isn’t that always the way?”

In a wide ranging interview, the former Sunderland star also spoke of his old club’s recent fortunes and England’s chances at the World Cup, but unfortunately left no time to discuss his present conviction for child molestation.

As the interview came to a close both Keys and Gray expressed their dismay at Johnson’s current situation saying the football world has hung him “out to dry” and assured him there will be a job waiting for him with BEIN Sports in Qatar when he gets out.

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