Alex Jones To Host Next White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Alex Jones Selected To Host White House Correspondents' Dinner
Alex Jones Selected To Host White House Correspondents' Dinner

THE United States of America’s leading conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has beaten off stiff competition to host the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner.

Following in the footsteps of peers such as Stewart, Colbert and O’Brien, Jones will “roast” the President and the White House Correspondents’ Association at the annual celebration of Washington’s media.

The WHPA also confirmed InfoWars will take CNN and Buzzfeed’s vacant tables at this year’s dinner, but denied accusations they were desperately trying to persuade the President to attend.

“In recent years the White House press corps has been accused of being too cozy with the Administration,” an official press release read. “Well we’d like to put those rumours to bed once and for all with this choice, someone not afraid to speak out and say literally anything that comes to mind.”

The CEO and founder of the web’s most popular fake news site, expressed his delight at being selected but warned the President he would not be going easy on him, despite their close working relationship.

“Just because the president is a good friend, avid viewer, and regular contributor to my show, doesn’t mean he’ll be getting a free ride,” he assured. “Don’t worry America, I’m not afraid to publicly shame our great leader’s notoriously outdated views on the moon landing, the shape of our Earth or Obama’s role in starting World War II.”

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