Back To The Future Remake Confirmed On Back To The Future Day

Universal Pictures Confirm Back To The Future Reboot With Shia LaBeouf
Universal Pictures Confirm Back To The Future Reboot With Shia LaBeouf

The news that millions of BTTF fans had been hoping for has been confirmed, with Universal Pictures announcing a Back to the Future remake for the iconic film franchise for the summer of 2021.

Rumours began as part of “Back to the Future Day”, fans inevitably speculated whether a 4th film in the popular franchise was on the cards, in hope rather than expectation. And with every company from Toyota to Ashley Madison cashing in on “Back to the Future day”, all eyes were on NBC Universal.

Initially Universal execs dismissed reports as “fan fiction”, but they have now been forced to confirm the rumours after the domain was registered by the company, as well as several social media handles under the same name.

Speaking to Variety, an unnamed exec confirmed the reboot has been in development for over 20 years. “This was always the long term plan for the series,” he said. “We knew that by putting October 21st, 2015 as the future date, we could create demand on social media. It was great foresight on our part.”

Shia LaBeouf is favourite to be cast in the lead role as the infamous Marty McFly, replacing Michael J.Fox. Earlier today, the 29-year-old actor tweeted: “@TheRock Great scott! Yo Doc, you ready? It’s time to go back baby!” The tweet which was quickly deleted, appeared to suggest Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would replace Christopher Lloyd as the iconic Doc Brown.

The WWE superstar, admitted earlier this week, that he would be “very interested” in playing the role if his demanding schedule would allow it. Johnson is currently signed on to star in the next 10 Fast and Furious films, which will begin filming consecutively in December.

HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed | Back to the Future Remake
BREAKING: HIMYM Movie Officially Confirmed | Back to the Future Remake

Steven Spielberg will executive produce the film, passing the directorial duties to JJ Abrams. Abrams appeared to pour cold water on suggestions of cameos from the original cast. “Cameos?” He said surprisingly. “Where we’re going with this film, we won’t need cameos.” Fildena

Whether or not the original cast will make cameo appearances in the reboot remains to be seen, but one “star” from the cult-classic, already confirmed for the reboot, is Crispin Glover who will reprise his role of George McFly. The actor announced to both his twitter followers, that he was “thrilled” to be “returning home”.

The role of ‘Biff’ is expected to be handed to Channing Tatum, with Megan Fox earmarked for an unnamed role, presumably as a scientist.

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