Trump Advises Ireland To Leave The UK

Trump Advises Ireland To Leave The UK
Trump Advises Ireland To Leave The UK | BSJ

WASHINGTON, DC—Just days after meeting the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland, Donald Trump has advised the Irish to break away from the United Kingdom and form “their own country”.

The President tweeted the mildly-controversial remarks after a 3am NBC News report claimed Trump was left “angered” and “embarrassed” by the Irish PM’s speech St Patrick’s Day speech at the White House. The thinly-veiled attack on anti-immigration views, received worldwide praise but some suggested Trump was less than impressed.

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“Fake news, totally fake news, I thought it was a great speech,” began the first of Trump‘s 6 tweets on the issue, adding that Kenny’s words had “really made [him] think”.

“You know the Irish wouldn’t need to come here illegally if they had their own country,” he declared. “Isn’t it time they break away from the UK once and for all?”

He added that it was his understanding that “not one single person” in the Republic had voted in favour of Brexit.

“Ireland’s being dragged out of the EU and the UK won’t even let them have another referendum. I mean honestly why do Ireland want to stay a second longer?” he asked, before adding, “I guess they just really love being British.”

“Now believe me I know how scary it is running a country, when you have absolutely no idea what you’re doing, but the Irish must believe they can govern themselves.” – Trump

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Reaction to the U.S. President’s comments was overwhelming with Twitter crashing on the Emerald Isle within minutes. Riots that have broken out in major cities across Ireland, are in support of Trump’s ground-breaking idea, The White House later claimed.

“They can call it ‘Great Ireland’ or the ‘United States of Ireland’ #MakeIrelandIrishAgain,” read Trump’s final tweet, signalling his willingness to work as an advisor for the brand new country, adding he’s “sure” Britain will be “totally cool about the whole thing”.

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