Donald Trump Finally Apologizes To Ted Cruz For Calling Him “A Canadian”

Trump apologizes to Ted Cruz for calling him Canadian It was disrespectful
Trump apologizes to Ted Cruz for calling him Canadian It was disrespectful

THE frontrunner for the Republican party has sensationally apologized to his main rival Ted Cruz, after a series of self-described “deeply offensive” remarks surrounding the Texas senator’s heritage. Donald Trump’s announcement comes after reports suggested the GOP leadership have demanded he distance himself from some of his most controversial remarks, if he is to convince them he can ultimately lead the Republican party.

Throughout the 2016 election, Trump has uncharacteristically questioned the eligibility of a presidential candidate based on their birthplace. As well as angering the GOP, his comments have even incensed Trump’s own supporters, many of whom feel Trump’s comments on Cruz he “may have crossed a line”.

One supporter, Sagan (30) who runs Trump’s San Francisco chapter, feels his remarks were merely “repeated rare lapses in judgement” by the former Apprentice star. “You know, it’s one thing calling Mexican’s rapists or saying that all muslims are terrorists, but calling someone Canadian just because they were born there, is pretty inflammatory and insulting.”

Speaking at a rally in Arizona, the billionaire seemed prepared to heed the recent advice saying he would “no longer stoop down to the level of [his] rivals” in hurling personal attacks at one another. “Listen, the time has come for the Republican party to unite under my leadership, and in that spirit, I’d also like to do something I thought I would never do; Apologize,” said Trump, to loud audible gasps from the crowd.

“I’ve always been conscious of not saying something disrespectful about another country or race, particularly when they are our neighbours. But listen, I wouldn’t wish being Canadian on my worst enemy, so when I called Ted ‘a Canadian’ I crossed a line and I’m truly sorry for any offense I caused.” Donald Trump

Trump also confirmed he spoke with Cruz personally to apologize. “I called him up and I said, ‘Ted, you know all those times I called you a big dumb Canadian, well that was wrong of me. I’m sorry.’ Then he said something like, ‘Well actually Donald, I was born in Alberta’ or some crap like that. And I said ‘no…no Ted, don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re not a Canadian.’ ”

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In summarizing, Trump again reiterated his stance on his rival’s ancestry. “Ted Cruz is as American as apple pie, Ford Mustangs and Pamela Anderson.”

Afterwards when asked by FM News if he’d like to take the opportunity to apologize to anyone else, whose citizenship he may have taken issue with, Trump seemed puzzled. “Who, Rubio? No. I mean I had my suspicions with him for obvious reasons but he’s clean. I just want to have a president who is actually American again.”

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