Donald Trump Claims He Will “Buy Canada” if Clinton Gets Elected

Donald Trump Claims He Will “Buy Canada” if Clinton Gets Elected
Donald Trump Claims He Will “Buy Canada” if Clinton Gets Elected

THE republican nominee for president of the United States has told a leading Canadian news site that he could “buy and sell” the entire country of Canada if he “felt like it”. Donald Trump made the claim while discussing media reports about the nearly 20 million Americans that have pledged to move to Canada, if he becomes president.

In an exclusive interview with the BSJ, he also claimed Canadians “would have no say on the matter” if the billionaire decides to move north of the border.

When questioned about what he would do if Hillary Clinton won the presidential race, Trump’s answer was emphatic. “Straight to Canada,” he said.

“But you must be aware that your popularity in Canada is not very high?” the interviewer replied. Trump’s smile relaxed as he leaned forward in his chair. “Oh let me tell you something, I could buy and sell Canada like that,” he said, snapping his fingers. “I mean really, how much could it possibly be worth?”

The interviewer quickly flicked through his notes before responding, “Canada’s GDP for 2016 is estimated to be about CAD $1.5 trillion.”

“What’s that, like half a million U.S.?” Trump fired back, rolling his eyes. “You know what, I think I could manage that.”

When asked to clarify what “buy Canada” meant exactly, ‘the Donald’ claimed everyone is aware of Canada’s “long and proud tradition” of selling visas to millionaires. However he lamented the increased difficulties in purchasing one as an American:

“You know, when Canada is selling its visas, they’re not giving them to America, like they should,” he explained. “Those visas are going to China… China! The Chinese are taking our jobs, they’re taking our Canadian visas and it’s just such a shame to see.” – Donald Trump

The “self made” man says he might “start from scratch” in Canada’s largest city. “Maybe I’ll pitch my tent in Toronto with nothing but my hat in my hand, and a billion dollar cheque in my back pocket.”

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, told the House of Commons that Trump’s announcement was “deeply worrying” for those north of the border. “It’s either 20 million Americans or one Donald Trump, either way we’re fu*ked,” he said.

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